Claim Your Fortune with just RM88 Spend!

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

Terms & Conditions:
- This promotional activity is for The Social Rewards members only.
- Spend RM88 nett in a single receipt to get 1 Mahjong "Tile" (perforated card either with the common Fa symbol or the rare Fa Choi symbol) - given out at random.
- Tiles are non-transferrable to another player, i.e. person earns the Tile on their own accord.
- To claim your "Fortune" (Social Rewards as set out), first Tiles have to be collected, then submitted back to us. Each Tile combination variation will entitle the player different piles of Fortune.
- Probability to win more Fortune can be increased by accumulation of more Tiles.
- Please refer to the picture above to view every Fortune entitlement per Tile combination.
- To claim Fortune, please submit Tiles to a Member of Staff.
- For Fortune in beer rewards, redemption has to be done in its entirety on the same day of submission.
- For Fortune in Social Credits, please allow 2 working days for you to see the credit reflected in your app Wallet.
- Tiles can be collected at The Social, Café Deli, Ekkamai, El Mesón Bangsar.
- Fortune can be claimed at The Social outlets ONLY.
- Promotion runs until 8th February 2020.
- Deadline to claim rewards: 29th February 2020.